Quiet Night on Moss Road

Quiet Night on Moss Road

The corner of Moss and Davyhulme roads in Stretford, Manchester, England – about 7pm on a February in 2008. This corner is near my cousin’s place.

I did’t plan on doing any night shooting, but I couldn’t resist the tug telling me to do some work while I was there. You never know when you’re going to get a chance to visit the same place overseas. My Pentax K10D was pretty new and I love playing around with night shooting. It’s a whole different ballgame from daytime or in studio. And I really don’t use any structure to a night shoot except trying longer or shorter exposure times and just see what happens.

Don’t know why, but Manchester just feels like home. Really not sure why. I’ve relations in other cities in Ireland and England, but there’s a connection to this place I can’t put my finger on. I write this sitting on my couch in Cleveland, and still this shot makes me homesick.

Oh, and the corner no longer looks like this. Six months later, a new condominium development went up with frontage that juts out to where the camera sits. You’ll never see this place again as it is in this image.

 – T