Product: Men’s Boots Holiday Mock-up

Rockport Holiday 72ppi

Product image mock-up for holiday-themed advertising. A lot of time goes into the styling – this is just one of maybe 20 different arrangements. In fact, what you see in this shot are only a few of the total number of elements that were shuffled in and out of the setup.

While we took about 60 exposures total, we were constantly tweaking props. The idea is to keep trying things and see what works. That’s where the time factor comes in. Be patient and it’ll come together. This is after doing a dry run or two to figure out what outside items enhance the main product.

Post production was minimal – and that’s the idea. I know I’ve done my work well when there’s not a lot of work to do “in post.”

If you want to get it right, then you have to put the time in – both during and before the shoot. It’s all part of the process.

 – TMulloy