In God’s Light – St. John Cantius Church

Caught this angle in the choir loft

Caught this angle in the choir loft of St. John Cantius Roman Catholic Church in Cleveland’s Historic Tremont Neighborhood.

Captured this view from the choir loft at St. John Cantius Church. I never really know what I’m going to get until I see my images on a computer screen. Every once in a while, something totally unexpected appears.

This is one of those times.

– TMulloy

Moira and Phil

O'Malley Fitzgerald peek #1 online

Not sure I need to say anything else about these two. Great to work with. Fun couple. I just liked being around them and their friends.

They were up for anything if it made for a great shot that’ll leave their grandkids smiling. Graffiti walls, run down buildings, crazy wedding party group poses, bridges, log cabins, lonely railroad axles – they led the way on a chilly day. And in all of the outdoor wedding pictures, they made sure a bit of Cleveland came along. Cool stuff.

Thanks, Moira and Phil. You made my day.

– TMulloy