Lincoln in Ohio’s Rotunda: ‘ … very much like the critter.’


Bust of Abe Lincoln, part of the “Lincoln and Solders’ Monument” in the Ohio Statehouse Rotunda.

The Rotunda of the Ohio Statehouse features Abraham Lincoln atop Cincinnati sculptor Thomas Dow Jones’ “Lincoln and Solders’ Monument,” which also depicts the Confederate surrender at Vicksburg in marble relief.

Vicksburg held significance for Ohio in that it was a major Union victory, won under the direction of three Ohio generals – Gens. Ulysses S. Grant, William Sherman and James McPherson.

Jones completed the full sculpture in 1871.

The white Carara marble bust of Abraham Lincoln is one of only five statues that the 16th U.S. President sat for in his lifetime.

Jones asked Lincoln what he thought of the likeness. Lincoln replied, “I think it looks very much like the critter.”



Magical Parade 72ppi

I’m not sure whether it was Chip or Dale, but I don’t think it mattered to this little girl at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. The parades are absolutely spectacular. And … dare I say it? Magical.

– TMulloy

Moira and Phil

O'Malley Fitzgerald peek #1 online

Not sure I need to say anything else about these two. Great to work with. Fun couple. I just liked being around them and their friends.

They were up for anything if it made for a great shot that’ll leave their grandkids smiling. Graffiti walls, run down buildings, crazy wedding party group poses, bridges, log cabins, lonely railroad axles – they led the way on a chilly day. And in all of the outdoor wedding pictures, they made sure a bit of Cleveland came along. Cool stuff.

Thanks, Moira and Phil. You made my day.

– TMulloy