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Photo by Greg Hildebrandt

My background is mostly in broadcast and print media – nearly 25 years, primarily as a writer and editor. I’ve also sold print and broadcast advertising as well as a bunch of other stuff – cars, cold cuts and clothing among them (not at the same time, mind you).

I’ve also done graphics and layout, worked in the travel and hospitality industries, and performed interactive improv performances for several years with Cleveland’s Frankie Kong Players production of “Flanagan’s Wake” at Kennedy’s Theatre inside the Playhouse Square entertainment center.

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For the longest time I had wanted to learn more about photography than the typical point-and-shoot routine, but I could never seem to put away the money to buy a decent camera. When a friend gave me a 1970s-era Canon AE-1 film camera, I figured that even though it’s not a digital I would fool around with it and see how things went. Turns out it was the perfect camera to learn the foundations of photography.

With that old Canon I took my first black & white photo class at Cuyahoga Community College; which led to more classes: I learned about composition, how to critique my own work through the work of others, how to process and print my stuff in the darkroom, cut my own mats, mount the photos and do framing. Yeah, there were some bumps in the road – a few too embarrassing for me to mention. Still, I got hooked on all of it.

Soon, I moved on to digital imaging and graphics.

But one class per semester here and there has really opened up a new outlet for my creativity while strengthening my skills as a journalist.

I was able to take what I learned at Tri-C and use it at work in my capacities as a copy editor and sports editor, cropping and editing shots for print. Huge help. I also brought the camera on every story I covered – shooting portraits of actors and directors, members of Cleveland’s huge stable of talented musicians, a small group of young Golden Gloves boxers from a Cleveland gym, the U.S. Army Golden Knights parachute team as they stepped out the aircraft door at 12,000 feet, and on and on. I’ve also had the privilege of shooting several NASCAR races, the Indy 500, three All-Star Games, Cleveland Browns football and a few Midwest GAA Irish football matches.

But I also started taking pictures of my hometown of Cleveland and my parents’ home villages in the west of Ireland and of nearby landscapes.

I haven’t been in a darkroom in a couple of years – they’re disappearing, especially on college campuses (which I think is a HUGE mistake). Now I’m shooting mostly digital. I’ve moved on to processing and editing in Photoshop. I still pull out the old Canon from time to time, but it’s just not the same when a lab does the processing.

So that’s my story.

Feel free to poke around the site. I hope you like what you see.

–     Thomas Mulloy