A Fall Day in Newport

A really quiet Saturday afternoon on Main Street, Newport, Co. Mayo, Ireland. Shot this Sept. 19, 2009, on tour with the Cleveland Irish Players, who were performing that evening in Parochial Hall. Notice the flower box. No matter the season, there seem to be some bright flowers on the streets of Irish towns. It’s a really nice touch, especially considering that it can get quite gray and dreary during the late autumn and winter months.

Also notice the phone box. No phone in it, though. In fact, you’d have to drive about a half hour to either Castlebar or Westport to find a payphone. Cell phones have killed the small town phone boxes. It’s a classic, though. Gives the street a bit of flavor.

If you’ve never been to Newport, it has a quality that’s a bit hard to explain. The place has character, a sense of history and a personality like an old friend. I’m not from there and my people aren’t from there, either. Still, I get homesick for the place. Would love to be sitting in Brannen’s with a pint in front of me and good friends beside me.

A Pint of Plain

A Pint of Plain

Shot at the Pride of Erin, a landmark Irish bar on Cleveland’s West Side. The taboo car keys really not an unusual sight at this working class haven. Neither is one of the loveliest pints you’ll find this side of the Atlantic. (Shot with Canon AE-1, scanned negative.)