Quigley Crossing

The less glamorous side of Cleveland’s economic engine. A great number of jobs that fuel Northeast Ohio’s economy are carried out far from the suits and conference rooms at East Ninth & Euclid.

An awful lot of money moves past, over or around the dirt and grime alongside the Cuyahoga River at Quigley and West Third, beneath the I-490 overpass.

Dred Scott’s Courthouse

The St. Louis Old Historical Courthouse shot last July the night before Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game at Busch Stadium. Begun in 1839 and completed in 1862, it was the site where slave Dred Scott in 1846 filed his lawsuit asserting that he and his wife were free citizens because they had lived with their owners in several U.S. states and territories that banned slavery. It took 11 years for the case to make it to the U.S. Supreme Court, which in 1857 handed down the landmark Dred Scott Decision that denied freedom to Scott and all slaves of African descent, stripping them of all rights commonly recognized for whites. The courthouse is now part of the federal Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Park, named for what has become known as the Gateway Arch.

Local vocal from Hue People

Cleveland-area vocal ensemble Hue People (that’s pronounced ‘whay’) performed in Tremont for a Sparx in the City Gallery Hop one Saturday back in 2006. I caught them here on Professor in front of Banyan Tree while I was walking to the Tree House after the Tremont Art & Cultural Fest. Great stuff. Their only instruments are their voices and harmonies.

Night Benches

Shot on a snowless February evening on Cleveland's Public Square.

Was changing trains at Tower City in Cleveland on the way home from work back in February and decided to do some shooting on Public Square. No plan, just started taking pictures. This is one of them. Spent about two hours trying to see the square in a different way. You can see this print all month long as part of my exhibit at Studio Le Beau in Tremont, along with several other shots from around town.

– TM

Beneath an Irish Sky

I shot this in Ireland on County Mayo’s Achill Island, on the road a few miles south of the town of Dugort, looking northwest upon Slievemore, the island’s highest peak. I’d love to find out what the disused building used to be – or maybe still is. Anybody have an idea?

– TMulloy